Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10

Choose the five possible answer then mark your answer!

This dialogue is for question no 1- 3

Haris  : Hello, my name is Haris, are you Sonia?

Sonia : Yes I am Sonia.

Haris  : You are Mr Andra’s daughter,aren’t you?

Sonia : I am

Haris  ; Mr John has asked me to fetch you and your brother

Sonia : Great! Sorry, we arrived late

Haris  : That’s O.K. Traveling by  ship is often unpredictable. Anyway, where is your brother?

Sonia : Here he is. Radit, this is Haris. Uncle John hasasked him to fetch us.

Radit  : Glad to meet you, Haris

Haris  : Glad to meet you too, Radit

Radit  : How is uncle John ? is he fine?

Haris  : He is. He cannot fetch you because he and his family are preparing a party.

Radit  : Yup ! he has told me about it

1. Where doer Haris fetch Sonia from?

A. Tthe harbor D. Sonia’s house

B. The airport E. Mr John’s house

C. Radit’s house

2. From dialogue we know that......

A. Sonia travels alone

B. Haris knows Sonia well

C. Mr John is going to have party

D. Mr John fetches Sonia and Radit

E. Mr John,Sonia and Radit live in the same town

3. Mr Andra is Mr John’s.....

A. Uncle C. Nephew E. Father

B. Causin D. Brother

4. My sister is a good student. ........campus gave schoolarship

A. Her C. Him E. Our

B. His D. Their

5. We love animals. Last week.....neighbour gave......a funny kitten

A. My – me C. Our – us E. His – him

B. Your –you D. Her – her

6. Santi    : what would you like to do on the next  long weekend?

Darma : My family and I ......... going to go to picnic

A. Were C. Are E. Am

B. Is D. Was

7. My boy friend......talking something

A. Am C.Are E.Were

B. Is D.Was

8. I .......a funny cat. It.....beautiful color

A. Have, has C.Has, have E.Have,had

B. Have,have D.Has, has

9. The boys.......finished the exam,they......a plan to picnic

A. Have, has C.Has, have E.Have,had

B. Have,have D.Has, has

This text is for question no 10-15

To           :

From      :

Subject  : Introduction

Hi, Via. It’s nice to know that you would like to have a pen pal from a foreign country. My name is Laura Smith and I’m

seventeen years old. I come from Perth, Australia. You know Perth, don’t you? It’s quite close to Nusa Tenggara islands, precisely in the northern part of Australia.

Well, I’m here to participate in the student exchange program and I attend SMA Persada Utama, Denpasar. It is a nice school and all the people there the principal, teachers, staff and schoolmates are very kind and helpful.

I will stay here for about three months. During my stay, I live with a local family, the Affandi family. They are very nice and friendly people and treat me like one of the family. They help me a lot in adapting to the new culture and environment so I feel comfortable and welcome living here. I guess I will love this city.


Laura Smith

10. How old is Laura?

A. 15 years old. D.16 years old.

B. 17 years old. E.18 years old.

C. 19 years old. 

11. Why does Laura stay in the city?

A. She is visiting her friend.

B. She is enjoying her long holiday.

C. She is taking part in a student exchange program.

D. She is studying the city’s culture.

E. She continues her studies there.

12. Who is she staying with during the exchange period?

A. n a relative’s house.

B. In her parents’ colleague’s house. 

C. In the principal’s house.

D. In a friend’s house.

E. In a local family’s house.

13. Where is Laura’s hometown situated?

A. In the eastern part of Australia.

B. In the southern part of Australia

C. In the western part of Australia.

D. In the northern part of Australia.

E. In the south-eastern part of Australia.

14. What are the people in SMA Persada Utama like,according to Laura?

A. They are selfish.

B. They are introvert.

C. They are easy going.

D. They are awkward.

E. They are nice and friendly.

15. Which of the following statements is TRUE

A. Laura’s hometown is quite close to Java.

B. Laura must adapt herself to the new culture.

C. Mr. Affandi and his family are very selfish.

D. SMA Persada Utama is located in Nusa Tenggara.

E. Laura dislikes living in the city.

This text is for question 16-18

Dear Ekasari

Congratulations on your acceptance as a student of a master’s degree in japan.

I’m so proud of you. you are one of representative from Indonesia

I ho[e you can continue your studies well and live up the name of the nation.

Always be nice to everyone there and don’t forget to develop your knowledge and creativity.

Wish you luck

Your best friend


16. Whydoer Tari congratulate Ekasari?

A. She become the student representative from Indonesia

B. She will continue her higher studies overseas

C. She is going to develip her knowledge and creativity

D. She is graduated from reputable university  in japan

E. She has received an invitation to go to Japan

17. How does Ekasari probably respond to the card?

A. Tell Tari to develop her skill

B. Ask Tari to go to Japan

C. Send a special gift to Tari

D. Express gratitude to Tari

E. Compliment Tari

18. What is the similar meaning of ‘REPRESENTATIVE’?

A. Members D.Delegates

B. Students E.authorities

C. Experts

19. Dewi : That’s wonderful dress, Sofi .

Sofi    : Oh, thanks

The underlined sentence is expression of............

A. Complimenting D.Celebrating

B. Congratulating E. Inviting

C. Blaming

20. Dew i : your shirt suit you................

Andin: Don’t say like that. I am shy

A. You look great D.I kbow it feels

B. You must be happy E.Thank you

C. What a shame

21. A : You got the best  at math test.............

A. Thumb up for you D.hat’s too bad

B. You must be cheating E.Don’t worry

C. You must be very upset

22. Santi    : what are you going to do on the next  long weekend?

Darma : My family and I ......... going to go to picnic

A. Were C.Are E.Am

B. Is D.Was

I will have two days off next week, but I haven’t thought about what I (23) do. I (24) stay at home due to COVID-19 pandemic. Suddenly, my sister gives me an idea. She is very talented at graphic design, so she(25).....teach me how to make a design on computers. I’m very happy to hear that.

23. .

A. Will C.Am going E.Would rather

B. Would D.Are going

24. .

A. Will C.Would rather E.Would raher not

B. Would like D.Would not like

25. .

A. Will C.Is going E.Would rather

B. Would D.Are going

This Text is for question no 26- 30


      Doraemon is one of the characters in a Japanese manga series created by Fujiko Fujio. Doraemon is a robotic cat. He has small body and white hands and feet. Although he can hear perfectly well, Doraemon has no ears.

      Doraemon possesses a large pocket that can produce many gadgets from the future. The pocket is called yojigen-pocket, or fourth-dimensional pocket. Doraemon’s favorite food is dorayaki, a Japanese treat filled with red bean paste.

      This robotic cat has the tendency to panic during emergencies. In an emergency situation, he will frantically pull out every unnecessary gadget from his pocket. Nevertheless, Doraemon is a good cat. He always helps Nobita

26. What does the text mainly talk about?

A. Doraemon C.Fujiko Fujio      E.dorayaki

B. Robotic cats D.Nobita

27. according to the text ,what do you know about doraemon?

A. A Cartoon film in the television

B. A cat that help Nobita in the troubles

C. A Robotic modern which special design the company

D. A future robotic cat which has special character and has large pocket 

E. A special toy which always help nobita in every troubles

28. “…he will frantically pull out every unnecessary …“ (paragraph 3).

The underline word can be best replaced by …

A. Happily C.Calmly              E.carefuly

B. Worriedly D.Diligently

29. What is the weakness of Doraemon?

A. He has a magic pocket D.He likes eating Dorayaki

B. He gets panic easily E.He loves nobita

C. He is only a robotic cat

30. What tense is used in text

A. Past tense C.Future tense E.Past continuous

B. Present tense D.Past perfect

31. Latifah : Who is the...........over there ?

Sri         : Oh, she is my sister.

A. Beautiful tall white skinned girl

B. Girl tall beautiful white skinned

C. White skinned tall beautiful girl

D. Beautiful girl white skinned girl

E. White tall beautiful skinned girl

32. Shopkeeper : What can I do for you, mam?

Mrs Zaki        : Yes, I need...............

A. Cucumbar green American big and long fresh

B. Cucumber fresh green American big and long

C. Green American cucumber big and long fresh

D. Fresh big and long green cucumber American

E. Fresh big and long green American cucumber

33. The superlative form of ‘high’ is.....

A. Higher C.Highly E.Most highest

B. Highest D.More higher

Text 3 is for question  no 34-36

Dearest Mom,

Mom, I couldn’t wait to tell you about my new girl friend. Last month I met a girl in my college . her name is Elizabeth. I call her lizzy for shot.she comes from Jakarta but she lives in Semarang with her aunt . lizzy is a slim girl of average heigh.her short wavy jet-black hair makes her look young and fresh. She is charming and gentle girl and has a pleasant manner. I like her because she understands me very much and she is always ready to hear my opinion.

Mom, when are you going to Semarang again? When you do, I will introduce lizzy to you. Mom  I’m sure you’ll like her very much . 

so i’m expecting to see you soon,. Bye . mom



34. Who is letter addressed to?

A. Danial C.Auntry E.Lizzys’ mother

B. Danials’ mother D.Elizabeth

35. Why did Danial want his mother to come to Semarang?

A. Because he want to met his mother

B. Because he want to say his college

C. Because he want to introduce lizzy

D. Because he want to ask her mother

E. Because he want to say his pleasure

36. What does lizzy look like?

A. Young,fresh, charming,and gente girl

B. Old, fresh,gentle girl

C. Charming,wavy, short, fresh girl

D. Wavy and pleasant manner

E. Looking good has pleasant mannaer

Text 4 is for question 37-40


We are happy to announce that our new collections have just arrived. So, it is the right time to visit the zoo

New animals

- Timmi and Tommo – a loving pair of girrafes from Africa

- Jumpy – a playful kangaroo from Australia. The way it hops around is quite attractive

- Anya – a beautiful tiger from India

- Dundie – a giant, aggressive crocodile from the Amazon River

- Reni – rhino from ujung kulon

Special Animal shows on Saturday/Sundays

- Elephants’ playtime       10:00 AM

- Crocodile Show                 2: 00 PM

- Snake Parade                     4:00 PM

Name the animals’ contest

Winners will get a thrilling ride on Browne the Camel

      Regular fees apply ( adult Rp 50.000, children under 12 years Rp 15.000, children under 5 free)

Reminder : Visitor are strictly not allowed to feed the animals in the zoo

37. What is the purpose of the announcement ?

A. To announce new shows at the zoo

B. To encourage people to visit the zoo

C. To introduce new shows at the zoo

D. To show what happens in the zoo

E. To inform people about the rules of the zoo

38. Which animal show will be held in the morning?

A. Snakes parade D.Elephants’ playtime

B. Crocodile show E.Kangaroo hop show

C. Animals’ contest

39. What ate the visistors prohibited from doing at the zoo? 

A. Enjoying the hopping Kangaroo

B. Watching elephant playtime

C. Enjoying the crocodile show

D. Bringing children under 5 with you

E. Feeding the animals

40. Mr and Mrs Hasan are planning to take their three children, aged 15,7, and 6 to the zoo. How much does Mr Hasan have to pay from thr tickets?

A. Rp 200.000

B. Rp 180.000

C. Rp 165.000

D. Rp 150.000

E. Rp 125.000 

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